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Color Switch 3

Color Switch 3 is the latest part of the game series Color Switch, the latest and the best one, wich is full of interesting obstacles and incredible gameplay. Let’s talk about this game. The main goal is to overcome obstacles with small colored ball. It sounds too simple, until you try by yourself. First of all you begin playing the game as a ball wich is for example yellow colored. By pushing your mouse button the ball begins his movements, the more you press the more the ball jumps. You have different colored obstacles round, squared, colored lines, rotating triangles and so on. All this shapes consists of four different colors. Your major goal is to get in touch your colored ball with the same colored part of the obstacle. You must take your concentration and count how much you must press the button, how far the ball will go and you must choose the best moment to make connection, so take your patience. For playing Color Switch 3 you need only one management, a single tapa action. After you overcome this obstacle your ball will change his color and you will have another one shaped form with another color. Before every obstacle ball will change color, and inside, of a variety of triangles and circles you must collect stars, which is considered the number of passed “levels”. Collect at least 10 – is not an easy task, prepare to constant falls and disappointments. Despite the fact that Solor Switch 3 game is very simple and uncomplicated, it contains a lot of details that can remove you from the outside world for a truly immersive gameplay. Sometimes, you will not notice changing the ball color because you are very involved, thats why the game is so addictive and beloved all over the world. Take small ball through the levels filled with colorful obstacles that have a different geometric shape. Carefully look at the playing field of the game. Touch the screen at the right time to send the ball forward. Remember that the ball can pass through the barrier, but only if the color of the obstacles is the same color that the ball is. Try to overcome the greatest possible distance, and as much as possible to overcome the obstacles.


Nice minimalist graphics
Different modes of play
Simple operation
Table records
Exciting gameplay

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